Our story


Yes, Africa got Talent!

Mayasi Manufacturing for Change was born from our passion for African cultures. We seek to promote African values of tolerance, unity, harmony and mutual help. We want to create bridges between Africa and the diaspora to reunite a long lost family and help build a better, peaceful world.

We believe that African communities have a long tradition in creating beautiful designs and their talent can be a source of joy for the world and can help develop the continent.

A positive image of Africa

We are influenced by the works of the eminent researcher Senegalese Check Anta Diop who put African, or Kemitic cultures at the centre of civilisation building, i.e all cultures comes from Kemet, at the source of the Nile River in Central Africa. The great Marcus Garvey, inspiring figure behind the creation of the African Union, with his call for economic cooperation is of a great influence too. Their works have been essential in restoring the positive image of African cultures to the World.

Team Manufacturing for change - african  inspired clothing


A social business

As a social business we promote a new economic model centred on fair trade. Our goal is to :

  • create employment through manufacturing of various products,
  • build bridges between Africa and the diaspora and
  • reinvest the profits in the local communities.

Unity is about supporting and connecting

Our Project Manufacturing for Change focusses on creating added value in Africa by supporting African clothing industry.

  • We design and manufacture clothing and accessories made in Africa, inspired by Africa and sell them online through our online shop
  • We connect with Africans from everywhere, so that buying an item made in Africa becomes a sign of belonging

Yes for us Unity is about supporting and connecting. Because wearing African clothing is like being one together.


We make sure that all products are made in Africa, using African local and traditional products to make sure we create employment and develop African local economies.

We promote the “made in Africa” to the African diaspora to create and develop economic links between the diaspora and Africa.


Sildesthe Boukadia is founder and CEO of Mayasi Manufacturing for Change. Magib Ba is COO of Mayasi Manufacturing for Change. We believe in a circular decision process, close to the traditional participative democracy during precolonial Africa.