Mayasi is a small street in Brazzaville, the capital of Congo which was at the heart of creativity in music in the 60s and of fashion. We are inviting you to walk through that small street, as we want to lead you to the wider world of African Design. An enchanting world that inspired poets like Wole Soyinka or Ben Okri, or philosophers like Amadou Ampathe Ba, play writers like Sony Labou Tansi.

With Mayasi we want to show the innovative, creative, captivating Africa to the world of international design.

We want to show the positive image of African culture, respecting each country and their cultures, in the pure tradition of the Senegalese Teranga, or the art of hospitality.

Come and explore our site we have built as a window to explore Africa's unique identities and the fusion of African designs with European, Asian, Latin American designs!

Thank you for visiting us! 

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