About Us

When it comes to creativity, designers around the World turn to Africa for inspiration.

Africa has such a rich and unique identity, built across immemorial times by different cultures and countries.

Nowadays African design merges with other styles, making Africa a continuous source of creativity.

Mayasi Manufacturing For Change is a UK based company. We work with designers, craftsmen and women in the textile industry to support the creative talents and brands inspired by Africa.

What we do

We sell clothes and accessories for women and men .

The added value that makes the items in our unique catalog is based on the talent and creativity of Fashion designers, all inspired by Africa, that we collaborate with.

Mayasi builds bridges between partners, associates and promotes designers. We create a network where everybody has new opportunities.

Mayasi is a  Manufacturing Force

Mayasi will always oppose the exploitation of another human being through modern slavery. Therefore we work with the local community as well as support the new talents in Africa and abroad.

Our philosophy is "Work together for a better world". This philosophy is also expressed in the Adinkra symbol that has inspired our logo.

Our Brands

Mayasi has two competitive fashion brands, Undertone and UpGrade. 

  • Undertone for elegance and trendy.
  • UpGrade for young and inspired.

Quality and Design

Quality is key for us. So we make sure to use resilient fabrics and we work with very professional designers and workshops who will ensure the clothes and accessories are made to a very professional finish.

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